Q: Who are you?
A: We’re PDK Nine — a board game lounge that specializes in curating a fun, cozy place for game lovers of all ages to relax and play — think Williams Sonoma meets an Irish Pub in the Shire. A carefully crafted, thoughtfully organized display of games, collectibles, and art. We celebrate local artists and hand-made trinkets of the nerdy persuasion. Our passion is adventure. We bleed dice. We spared no expense.  When we were young — Q: What?

A: We’re a board game lounge with popcorn.

Q: What is a game lounge?
A: A game lounge is a cool place where people come together to play board games, hang with an inclusive community and nerd out!

Q: How does pricing work?
A: We offer game blocks, party packages, and membership deals.

Q: What’s a game block?
A: A game block is your pass to our game library.

Q: What’s a game library?
A: Jeeeeeezzus, how many questions do you have? Just kidding! (We’re so happy you’re here!) A game library is our huge selection of over 500 games ranging from nostalgic family favorites to super intense tabletop adventures.

Q: What’s something like that cost?
A: On weekdays, it’s $10 per person for all-day play. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, it’s 10 pp for three hours. Not bad, eh?

Q: That sounds great. But I don’t know what to play. Can you help me?
A: Absolutely. We offer a free game concierge service to all of our paid game players. We make suggestions based on your interests. We’ll also be that obnoxious friend you have that knows all the rules. (But we won’t be rude about it!)

Q: Is that all you offer, just games?
A: We have a full events calendar that changes monthly where you can find our special events like Trivia Nights, TCG Nights, and even Bingo! Check it out here.

Q: And you’re open 24/7?
A: Not exactly. Our lounge opens at 12PM and last game seating is at 8PM. (Use your own judgement — we try to accommodate all customers but Joe has to get home and walk his dog.) Don’t come on Tuesdays. Nobody will be here. Not even Joe’s dad.

Q: Do you do private events?
A: Absolutely we do! You can browse our website for specific packages or call the store anytime to chat about a personalized experience.

Q: Do you have food?
A: We have snacks, drinks and a popcorn machine! If adventuring stirs your appetite, you are always welcome to browse the myriad of options up and down the plaza! Or bring your own cooler filled with food and drinks to stay a while.

Q: Do you offer a free trial for the board game lounge? This place seems awesome but I don’t really get it..

A: We have special discount days on our monthly calendar. You can also sign up for our birthday club when you come into the store and during your birth month you get to come in and game for free. Or join the mailing list and get ten-percent off in the store on your next purchase. See? Lots of options to game on budget!